About Me

My name is Nam and I am from Vietnam. I had several years working in international teams from EU to US and brought values as mainly a front end engineer. Furthermore, I have experience in the backend and ecommerce domain. I am dedicated and determined to my career path.


ReactJS. Competently using hooks, functional components.

NodeJS. Build efficient async program with ExpressJS.

MongoDB as No SQL database and previous experience with MS-SQL Database. Able to design schemas for best perfomence.

Apply TypeScript into React and Node apps.

Expreience with AWS such as EC2, S3, SES, Amplify, IoT, ...

Shopify. Work with Liquid, api; experience building landing pages and apps, managing the store system

Work experience

Sep 2020 - now

Front-end engineer

carro (Singapore) | carro.co
Tech stack: ReactJS, NextJS, AWS (s3)

Develop new features, improve current UI/UX flows to help millions of people buy the right used car

  • Participate in the documentation process, requirements analysis, design, deploying, code reviewing, unit testing and operating the product
  • Standardize core components with mono-repo
  • Deconstruct complex features into smaller ones and work towards clean light weight solution
  • Join to share knowledge and ideas, review and maintain high quality code
  • Lead the team to accomplish the company’s goal and mission
Aug 2019 - Aug 2020

Front-end engineer

datatize (Singapore) | datatize.com
Tech stack: ReactJS, Dash, Bootstrap, Ag-Grid

Develop an in-house web app to analyze data as client demand for crypto trading, accounting and data related services.

  • Customize React components for Dash framework (dash.plotly.com)
  • Use Bootstrap and CSS skill to restyle the whole web app more modern
  • Build graphs, charts using Plotly Express
  • Build PWA app using ReactJS
  • Write APIs document for back-end engineers to implement the built components
Jan 2020 - Jan 2022

Full stack - Ecommerce app

Personal business | anhnoi.com
Tech stack: ReactJS, ExpressJS, Typescript, MongoDB, AWS (ec2, s3, ses)

In Vietnam we have Haravan and Sapo similar to Shopify and this product I built and run on my own to help merchants integrate the review section into their online stores.

  • Build a photo/video review app so that customer can post review with photo/video for the product
  • Integrate Haravan APIs, webhooks. Create email campaigns with AWS SES. Save images, videos and static files on AWS S3. Server runs on EC2 (Linux)
  • Process and minify the size of the images to maximize data storage and transfer performance
  • App on Haravan store in Vietnamese
  • App on Sapo store in Vietnamese
  • Demo shop
Feb 2018 - July 2019

Full-stack engineer

InSolution (Tampere, Finland) | insolution.fi
Tech stack: .net, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Develop an in-house web app to analyze data to display automated machines performance.

  • Build RESTful APIs and work with MSSQL
  • Build new features and functionalities as needed from customers
  • Create real-time data transfer from local server to PLC via HTTP
  • Understand the fundamentals of software and protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, ...)

Other projects

The projects I joint and supported during my study and freelancing period.

University Project (IoT web app)

  • Use Raspberry Pi to connect devices with AWS IoT
  • Build an IoT web app to control connected devices on the web and analyze users, devices data.

Shopify store engineer (vertagear.com)

  • Develop landing pages and product pages
  • Manage 3rd apps with provided apis to implement more features for the store (klarna, product reviews, …)


Contact me

I would love to discuss about your ideas or project.


Danang City, Vietnam


+84 975786230

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